Investment Criteria


  • History of revenue growth and positive cash flows
  • Sustainable competitive position in a stable or growing market niche
  • Recurring revenue streams from a loyal, diverse customer base


  • Revenue between $5 Million and $100 Million
  • EBITDA greater than $2.0 Million
  • Annual Cash Flow of at least $2 Million


  • Owner / Operator looking to for growth strategies for next level exit.
  • Asset light, high margin (10% or EBITDA/Sales) businesses
  • Experienced and driven middle management team.


  • Service-based, growing industry (includes SaaS)
  • No heavy manufacturing or retail
  • Fragmented industry with many small/medium sized companies

We are Not Interested in the following opportunities:

  • Early-stage companies and start-ups
  • Distressed or turnaround situations.
  • High levels of capital intensity

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Darshan Capital may partner with co-investors, private equity firms, family offices and senior management teams to execute transactions. We invest in leveraged buyouts, growth financings, and balance sheet recapitalizations.